Qaiwan Group prides itself on meeting the energy needs of Kurdistan through Bazian Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • The Bazian Combined Cycle Power Plant Project is located between Chamchamal and Sulaymaniyah, Iraq in the Sulaymaniyah Province of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region at an elevation of approximately 950 meters above sea level. Using the world`s latest technology and friendly environmental processes, Bazian CCPP will start operation in the second semester of 2015.  
  • The power is generated at 15 kV in the Combustion Turbine Gas and 15.75 kV in the Steam Turbine Gas and stepped-up to 132 kV via five (5) dedicated generator step-up transformers, one for each gas turbine and steam turbine. The simple cycle part of the plant (Phase 1) will consist of four (4) General Electric 9E – 3 series Gas Turbine Generators and all auxiliaries.  
  • The combined cycle part of the plant (Phase 2) will consist of four (4) Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), one (1) nominally rated 250 MW steam turbine generator (STG), one (1) air cooled condenser, and all the requisite equipment and systems to make the resultant plant a safe, reliable, efficient combined cycle power generating facility.  
  • The plant will include a 132 kV air insulated switchyard within the Plant site to connect to the KRG-MOE grid. The 132 kV switchyard is designed as to allow easy future extension. This audacious and innovative project aims to meet the needs of Kurdistan.