Our energy business is primed to have
One of the 2 privately owned refineries
in the region and we are generating 500 MW power.

Bazian Oil Refinery-
Fuelling Development

One of the two refinery in the region.

Our petroleum business is underpinned by a solid, long term processing agreement with the Government in Iraq and a commitment to continual growth and expansion.

Our refinery receives crude sourced locally that makes our refining business efficient, delivering high yields and a quality product.

Barrels per day current Production at our refinery.
of gasoline supplied by Qaiwan in Iraq.
Qaiwan Heights

Bazian Power Plant - Delivering Reliable Power

To homes and businesses

Qaiwan is committed to delivering reliable and secure power to the domestic power grid.

Reducing the country’s dependency on imported power, and meeting the growing demand as the local economy develops.

K Units
Total square meters of the Bazian Power Plant site
MW currently generated output by the plant.
MW will be produced once the expansion project of combined cycle is completed
Qaiwan Tower