Qaiwan Corporate Social Responsibility
Sharing our success by serving Community

Qaiwan Corporate Social Responsibility

Sharing Our Success By Serving Community

Qaiwan takes pride in being a responsible corporate citizen to implement highest standards into all its operations. Our corporate social responsibility methodology is not only to supports community development but also maintaining a better living with environment friendly business activities.

Over the years Qaiwan has engaged in a variety of initiatives including environment friendliness , supporting and helping communities for better living , better education for their development. Our contribution spreads over different segments

Sponsorship of the establishment of the education projects in the region including (American University of Iraq, Schools, student scholarship programs etc).
Basic Living Support
Our focus is to establish a structure to help communities who are struggling to get basic necessities of living . We focus on taking care of their living and support needs.
Helping for better healthcare with donations for establishing medical centers , healthcare equipment's, services for wellbeing and helping key challenges such treatment of children with Thalassemia & Hemophilia.
All our businesses focus on environment friendly activities whether in energy, power or construction. We following international standards to ensure health safety and environment friendliness in everything we do.
Community Marriages
Supporting families to start a new living by helping on the key events of life including marriages and families /homes set.
Small Businesses
We help small businesses for their setup in order to ensure a support for community benefits development.